Random rock thoughts

Every now and then, I like browsing through rocks and minerals on eBay. What always irritates me though, are the dyed agates that people try to pass of as natural.  First of all, they look terrible.  I’m okay with altering something if it looks nice…these things are just plain tacky. It saddens me that something created by nature over millions of years would be ruined like that. I’d rather see drab ol’ natural gray agate than that hot pink mess. It’s like hot-gluing rhinestones on the Mona Lisa.  And that titanium-coated stuff…one site calls it “…science and nature working together to form items of superior beauty.” Superior beauty? What a joke. It’s a waste of both rock and titanium, if you ask me.

Ranting concluded.

So, I’m sitting here in some corporate meeting room full of Project Managers reporting on quarterly financial data, and what I’m I thinking about? My rotary tumbler rolling away in my garage at home.

I recently attended a meeting of a local rockhounding club, and one of the guys there suggested I use a rotary for the first stage of my tumbles.  So, I took advantage of a sale at my local Harbor Freight and picked one up for $36.  Now I need to practice my patience (today is day 4 of its first batch).

Before I tune back in to my surroundings, I want to mention an item of particular incredulity:  the purported septarian nodules from Morroco.  I can’t tell if they’re the real deal or not, but they look fake to me. I mean, they look cool, but unnaturally so. Can anyone out there  confirm or deny that these are just another sham?